Astrology is assigned certain meanings to planets, zodiac signs and houses.

The sun, for example, can stand for many characteristics and associations:

For example: deputies, employers, arrogance, authoritarian, civil servants, success, executive, cheerful, pleasure, heart, spirit, royalty and nobility, body etc.

The position of a planet in a zodiac sign or house is also associated with such keywords. Not to forget the aspects that make up the planets and the midpoints.

All these interpretations are hidden in hundreds of astrology books and if you are looking for something, you have to leaf through the literature.

"Somewhere it says where the potato is in the horoscope."

It would be good to have an encyclopedia of astrological meanings in which something like this is written.

That was the motive to collect such assignments and to create an encyclopaedia from them.

Here is this encyclopedia now, as a program, the Apz encyclopedia.

Faster than scrolling long through books, it is to enter a search word into a program to get the desired information.

Apz- Lexikon is a single program and comes from his big brother Astroprozessor.

It contains over 22,000 individual constellations that the author has collected over the last 15 years.

Since the books from which the terms originally originate not only represent the personal opinion of the authors, but also what the respective authors themselves have read and used, the dictionary contains the

Apz Lexicon

An astrological dictionary of interpretation as a program

Ein astrologisches Deutungslexikon als Programm

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